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Publications and Presentations


Towards a Phenomenology of Values: Investigations of Worth. Routledge Research in Phenomenology. Routledge (2021).

“Philosophical Scientists and Scientific Philosophers: Kant and Husserl on the Philosophical Foundations of the Natural Sciences.” Husserl, Kant and Transcendental Phenomenology, Iulian Apostolescu and Claudia Serban (eds.), De Gruyter (2020).

“Who is the Subject of Phenomenology? Husserl and Fink on the Transcendental Ego.” Journal for the British Society of Phenomenology (2018).


The Genesis of the Symbolic: On the Beginnings of Ernst Cassirer’s Philosophy of Culture. Translation of Arno Schubbach’s Die Genese des Symbolischen: Zu den Anfängen von Ernst Cassirers Kulturphilosophie, Cassirer-Forschungen, vol. 16. De Gruyter (2021).


“Values, Purposeful Ideas, and Human Culture in Husserl’s Kaizō Articles.” Presented at Social
Ontology and Objective Spirit, University of Cologne and Marquette University, Virtual (May 2021).

“‘Ought-to-Be and ‘Ought-to-Do’: Phenomenology and the Specifically Moral Values.” Presented at Towards a Phenomenological Ethics, Université Laval, Quebec City, QC (Sept. 2018).

“The Physical Acts of Prayer in Avicenna and Aquinas.” Presented at Aquinas and the “Arabs” International Graduate Student Workshop, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI (Feb. 2015).

“Ricœur’s Hermeneutics of Translation and the Case of Religious Language.” Presented at Society for Ricoeur Studies Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA (Oct. 2015).


“Ricœur’s Hermeneutics of Translation and the Case of Religious Language.”
Winner, Society for Ricoeur Studies Graduate Essay Competition ($250 Prize).

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